Limited edition

Collab collection with influencer Charlotte Caroline

"I am CC / I am Charlotte Caroline" - A jewellery collection embracing your authentic self.

The collection “I am CC” is inspired by Charlotte Caroline’s unwavering devotion to self-exploration. 


"I AM CC" is a powerful jewelry collection that embraces the raw journey of self-discovery and the celebration of individuality. Its edgy aesthetics reflect the courage to look within and be authentic. Genderless and inclusive, these pieces empower individuals to embrace their true selves.

Joining the "I am CC" community means celebrating imperfections and investing in personal growth. It serves as a bold reminder to fearlessly be yourself and embark on a transformative path of self-acceptance.

We want to encourage you in being YOU. "I am X"

The collections is designed to empower and uplift and as a reminder to discover the extraordinary within you and let your authentic self shine.

By wearing these timeless jewellery pieces, CC and IX studios inspire others to uncover their own paths towards self-realization and invite you to embrace the courage to pursue your dreams by following your heart's desires. 

Charlotte Caroline x IX STUDIOS

"I am CC"