IX STUDIOS care a lot about quality and handcraft. Precious metals and gemstones need care and maintenance. Jewellery lives forever and we would like to help you keep your piece of IX STUDIOS jewellery as beautiful and shiny as possible in its long life.

We work exclusively in precious metals, such as 100% recycled 925 Sterling silver and 22 karat goldplated 925 Sterling silver. Precious metals are soft metals and do not tolerate hard knocks. Massive jewellery made of silver, like our signet rings, are easily exposed to collisions with other surfaces which makes scratches. Scratches and dents are not considered as defects, but just a sign of wear and tear.

The coating on the precious metals will react with atmospheric oxygen and natural variation of individual body chemistry. That is why it is important to wear your jewellery wisely and take proper care of it. Our natural stones are fragile so please be careful with hard surfaces, and we advise you to avoid exposure of chemicals, which can make the stone break or lose its shine.

We advise you to take of your jewellery before you wash your hands or take a bath as well as when you use cream, perfume or hair products, which will make your jewellery dull.

We also advise you to take of your jewellery when you sleep, and store your jewellery in your IX STUDIOS jewellery box when you do not wear it. Keep your jewellery separate to avoid scratches and make sure chains are not tangled.

It is a good idea to clean your jewellery on a regular basis. You can use a soft damp cloth and gently remove any oil or dirt. Silver polish can be bought at any goldsmiths. Besides this, we recommend you to take an annual service at a goldsmith who can clean your jewellery professionally and check locks, soldering and mounts.

IX STUDIOS produces elegant and massive jewellery, and we encourage you to take proper care of your jewellery. We take no responsibility for careless use or inappropriately storage.