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Personal engraving

Our pieces are made to complement your personal look and for the same reason you’re able to customise or modify your piece with our personal engraving and design service.

Bottomline, we just want to encourage you in being YOU. That’s it.


Personalisation over prettification, any day.

At IX STUDIOS we are seeing an increased demand for engraving initials and special dates, and we love to give our jewellery a beautiful and personalised expression so that it has even greater value for you. That is why we offer to personalise your rings and necklaces by engraving them with motives that are of great significance to you, and when it comes to engraving, the only limitation is your imagination.



At IX STUDIOS you can in collaboration with our design team make your own personal jewellery. We can engrave your jewellery with a motive that is of great importance to you. Several of our customers have had their initials engraved on their signet rings, and others have had significant anniversaries engraved on their necklaces. It could also be your best friend's initials that you have on your necklaces. We love making jewellery a personal accessory so you can get a unique piece of jewellery that no one else has.

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You can have your unique design made by finding the piece of jewellery you want to personalize on the shop page, then choose engraving, write what you want engraved or attach a file.

All engraved products are non-returnable or refundable.