At IX STUDIOS we know that the path to a more sustainable society must be paved by alternative actions to current production ethics and consumer behaviour.

We are keen to accommodate measures to strengthen a responsible distribution chain throughout the infrastructure of our company.

Eye for detail. Remade materials. Great craftsmanship. Traditional techniques.

It’s all in our core

– we’ve just taken a next generation approach to it.

IX STUDIOS care about maintenance and care of existing jewellery.

We believe this is a necessary counterbalance to current consumer behaviour.

Therefore, we offer re-plating service and specific guidance to extend the lifetime of your jewellery.

We encourage you to wear your IX STUDIOS jewellery for many years to come, thereby contributing to healthier consumption patterns.

That is why we use recycled precious metal in the creation of our jewellery.

We regularly check that all materials are procured according to ethically correct standards and that our partner and manufacturer is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which promotes responsible production and supplier practices in the creation of IX STUDIOS jewellery.

We are extremely determined to maintain a high standard and to ensure desirable conditions throughout all stages of our production chain.

IX STUDIOS take responsibility!

Our commitment to being a more responsible business:

- We only use recyclable precious metal in the creation of our jewellery.

- Less waste – we use natural stones which means all stones are unique, what some will see as a fault and remove from production, we see this as one of a kind, which minimize the waste and optimize the exploitation of resources.

- We are very determined to make better choices every day throughout our business.

- We create jewellery in high quality to last for a lifetime.