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Size guide for necklaces

Size Guide: What Necklace Length Should You Choose?

The length of your necklace greatly influences its appearance. Do you prefer a snug fit, or would you like the necklace to have more length? In our guide to choosing the length of your necklace, we help you determine which size to choose to achieve the desired look.

Size Guide: Necklaces for Women

For women, a chain between 42 and 45 cm is a classic choice, gracefully falling over the collarbones and offering a good medium length. It also pairs nicely with pendants.

If you prefer a more choker-like look, opt for necklace lengths between 35 and 40 cm. You can measure the circumference of your neck if you're unsure – we're all different, and your snug necklace shouldn't be uncomfortable to wear.

Longer necklaces for women typically have a length of around 55-60 cm. They also work well with pendants if you prefer a slightly lower placement.

Size Guide: Necklaces for Men

When it comes to necklaces for men, the typical length ranges between 50 and 55 cm. Wearing it with a shirt, it will sit nicely between the top two buttons, and on a classic round-neck t-shirt, it's also visible atop the shirt.

For a tighter fit, look for chains around 40-45 cm. Be careful not to choose a chain that's too short; it should still be comfortable to wear. The shorter length of necklaces works well when combined with longer chains.

If you're looking for a necklace with a pendant, some prefer to wear it on a slightly longer chain, up to 60 cm. This provides a handsome and visible placement on the chest.

Choose the Right Lengths When Combining Multiple Necklaces

If you're combining multiple chains, you can opt for a chunky chain like our Chunky Curb Chain in a length as short as 40 cm and pair it with longer chains with or without pendants. Alternatively, you can go for a more delicate chain – it makes no difference for the recommended length.

If you love the stacked look, feel free to combine three necklaces in different lengths. For instance, go for a 40 cm chain, one at 45 cm, and another at 50 cm, ensuring they don't lie too far apart on the neck and chest.

Need Our Assistance?

Do you have questions about our necklaces and their sizes? Feel free to contact us by sending an email to You're also welcome to reach out to us via our live chat, where we can answer your questions.


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